What should i do after i make a booking?

There is no additional charges for our service. The final price quoted to you is inclusive of everything and is the amount you need to pay.

What do i need to prepare for my sessions?

No preparation will be necessary. All the necessary preparations will be done by cloud9 heavenlymum to ensure comfort for our clients and their child.


What are the procedures if mummies want to engage our services?

Mummies are welcome to submit enquiry form on our website

( or call our customer service hotline.

We will conduct a simple consultation of your situation and guide you with the process from there.


Do I need to pay cloud9 heavenlymum an additional agency fee?

The usual procedures are:

1) Payments for the desired package. Prices for each package can be found at the pre-natal and post-natal pages above

2) We'll issue you the receipt once payments are successful

3) Inform us your EDD and text us when you're admitting into hospital. Let us know if you're delivering via Natural or C-Section

4) We'll arrange your schedule and discuss your sessions with you.

cloud9 heavenlymum will be here to assist you throughout the process, to communicate on your concerns and feedback on your sessions

If all is fine, please make bank transfers, preferably full amount. After bank transfers, please screenshot approved transaction and forward to us for processing.
UOB 3793016253  Chien Chi Tow Healthcare Pte Ltd


Does cloud9 heavenlymum do binding?

No, we don’t. But we do have 3 pieces corset that's easy to put on yourself, great support for the lumbar and effective in slimming but it is not included in the package at the price of $78


Can I select the therapist I want?

Here in cloud9, all our therapist are carefully selected, they are of at least 8 years of experience and above. They are fully vetted and certified therapist. We assure you that in cloud9 we deliver the best experience to you. However, you can request back the same therapist you had on the first session and schedule your session accordingly to the therapist’s availability. However, cloud9 customer service hotline is always there to assist your need and ensure the best quality massage is delivered


What mode of payment is accepted?

We accept cash, online credit card payment & cheque


Can I request for an extension of massage service/package?

Yes, you can discuss this directly with our cloud9 heavenlymum therapists. However, it will also be subjected to our therapist availability. Additional $50 dollars will be charged for every 30 minutes extension of massage


Can i cancel or shorten my package after booking?

No Cancellation once booking is done.  Deposit will be forfeited . Shortening of package session is not possible as once booking is done, we will reserve the session slots specially for you. We will advise you to book based on your desired package and you can opt the next available package or option to extend your sessions when you start your postnatal treatments. Kindly update us by the 2nd session if you need any extension of sessions.The company reserves the right to collect the full payment of the package for any shortening of the package


How long in advance must i inform if i want to change the time or date after my session is arranged and confirmed?

For any changes or cancellation of a fixed appointment , a minimum of 24 hour  notice during working hours ( Mon to Sat 9-6 pm)  prior to the appointment is required. Any last minute cancellation of less than 24 hour of a fixed appointment, a charge of $20 is applicable. This is to ensure that our operation are smooth running for the concerns of other new mums who are awaiting the commencement of their session


What happens if the assigned therapist is sick or on urgent leave ?

What are the terms & conditions for our services?

Our office will inform the clients at the soonest on the same day or earlier once we receive news  if your assigned therapist is sick / on urgent leave and  is unable to come for your session. The office will try their best to get a replacement therapist based on the ongoing schedule. In the event that this is not possible, we reserve the rights to postpone your sessions to resume on the earliest available date



What is the purpose of prenatal massage?


When is the suitable time to have prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage should be done after your first-trimester, between second and third trimester. However, if you recently experienced bleeding, preterm contractions, or have any other pregnancy related issues, you should speak with your gynae prior to receive a prenatal massage.


When can c-section mothers do massage?

For C-Section mummies, tummy trimming can only start 4-5 weeks later or prior to gynae approval. As for lactation massages and relieving of body aches, the massage can start 5 days after C-section



What is the purpose of postnatal massage?


When is the suitable time to have postnatal massage?

For Natural birth: advisable to start treatment after 7-10 days after delivery.

For C-section: advisable to start treatment after 6-8 weeks.

Both cases, it is important to seek your gynae approval prior to proceed with our treatment.


I gave birth 2 months ago , is the postnatal massage still effective?

Yes. Postnatal massage is most effective during the first three months after delivery


I am breastfeeding, is it safe to do a postnatal massage?

Absolutely! Postnatal massage increases blood circulation and the production of milk. Our experienced and certified therapists have massage techniques to assist lactation problems such as engorgement or blocked ducts


I have a miscarriage or stillborn, is it advisable to do a postnatal massage?

For early stages of miscarriage, a general swedish soothing massage will help  you to gain certain relief for your body muscles and soreness from surgery. On the other hand, If you are after 5 months , it is advisable to do postnatal massage and also carry on with your confinement to nurse and restore your body health.However, each woman may have various condition, consulting your gynaecologist will definitely give you a better idea of when you will be fit for the massage


Do you have trial session for postnatal massage?

cloud9 do offer a trial session if a package has been purchased, and the first massage session fees which worth $188 will be waived


Does cloud9 heavenlymum offer lactation massages?

Definitely! Only massage can help to clear those blocked ducts and pressed on meridian points to increase the flow

Our therapists are specially trained in this area because we understand the difficulties mummies goes through during the initial breastfeeding stage

I would recommend 90 mins because then it'll have enough time for lactation massage, tummy trimming, body aches and the list goes on